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10 Points To Invest In MF An Early Age

If you are planning to invest but are not aware of the right Age to start investing, let us guide you with our expert advice. Many surveys and studies show that the sooner you invest, the richer you get. The right time to take a position is during or after you complete your graduation, the age around 20s. Read more to know why!

By investing at an early stage of life, you understand a pattern of financial independence and discipline. An early investment teaches the important difference between investments and saving. Never think young age may be a barrier to creating an investment, as you're never too young to take a position. The Little amount of cash invested now will put extra money in your pocket within the future. You can seek an expert’s view to pick the proper avenues to form an investment.


Below mentioned reasons suggest that investment at an early age may be a great idea.

1.More time to recover losses:
If you invest early and incur a loss, you've got longer to form up for the loss on investment. Investing at a later stage in life will get less time to recover the losses. Thus, with early investments, your investment gets longer to grow in value.

2. More time to save money:
in the case of early age investments, you develop a habit of money management. The more you invest, the more you get in return for the future. To follow that thought process, you can save lots more by reducing unnecessary expenses and divert such saved money towards investment.

3. Improves risk-taking ability:
Studies show that young mutual fund investors have a more risk-taking attitude than late-age investors. late age investors are generally conservative and like stability, successively avoiding high-risk investment opportunities. The probability of earning greater returns at a young age gets enhances with high risk-taking ability.

4. Time value of money:
Early investments lead to compounding returns. The value of cash increases over time. regularity in mutual fund investments from early years can reap huge benefits at the time of retirement. Moreover, early investment facilitates your entry into the finance market early. Your money grows with time. Because of early investments, you'll afford things that others won't, at that age. This puts you before others preferring investing at a later stage of life.

5. Financially secured Future:
There will be times in life once you will need urgent money to satisfy unavoidable expenses. During such times, the investments made at an early age can convince be very handy and can assist you to get through the tough times all by yourself. The requirement for loaned money decreases drastically with early investments.

6.Opportunity to become a Creditor:
An early age investment is indeed useful. When you have surplus money invested, you'll never have a requirement to borrow money and become someone’s debtor. With money properly invested into the right mutual fund, you've got money to lend to others i.e., you become a creditor.

7.More time to study and understand the aspect of financial market:
Young people have more time to study about the market than older ones. Also, young people are more tech savvy and informative, they can research and evaluate better which mutual find is right for them, for better returns, which one is for long time tenure which one must fit for a short time investment etc.
8.Opportunity for employment: 
young minds, nurturing about investments, banking, etc are highly likely to end up finding employment in finance, be it as a mutual fund investment adviser, to full time stock market investors or agents, they might even end up making their own financial companies. 

9.Securing business capital:
Aspiring entrepreneur, business investors, and start-up company owners can secure their business investments and capital from an early age with mutual fund investments. So, when they finally began, they don't have to run around for loaned financial aids, or loaned capital.

10. Secure Your Retirement Plans:
investments at an early age increase the probability of reaching financial stability at young age. Saving for retirement from the age of 20s/30s instead of the age of 40s is usually a far better future plan. Life after retirement is difficult so planning for retirement now will cause a happier life after retirement.

The earlier you begin, the better it's to create growth in wealth. Yes, you'll face some difficulties to take a position early in life as you don’t have enough money. however, you should not for the time when things get convenient for you. Start investing in smaller amounts with mutual funds. Give time to your money to mature. Investing at a young age is that the best decision one can absorb his or her life. contact your mutual fund investors to seek an expert’s view.

Author-Sujit Bala

Mr Sujit Bala is a founder & Director of Tax Seva Kendra.in. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Accounts, Taxation and Company law matters.

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