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Club Registration in India- Overview

We all have a bit of idea of what a club is? We all have come across clubs in our localities, heard about sports clubs, recreational clubs and so on. Thus a club can be defined as a voluntary association of individuals for conducting social purposes of recreation or for advancement or promotion of activities such as donation, useful arts, politics, or protection and development of their common interest, etc. It has a definite organisation which continues to exist perpetually for an undetermined time and is governed and maintained by certain rules, regulations, deeds of settlement or by-laws. All the members abide by the norms and regulations that govern the clubs.

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Club Registration in India Registration Package

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  • What we provide
  • Documents required
  • Name Reservation
  • DIN & Digital Signature for 2 members
  • MOA & AOA, PAN & TAN
  • Incorporation & Share Certificates
  • Copy of PAN Card
  • Ownership Proof (House Tax etc.)
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Address Proof (Bank Statement, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill)
  • Utility Bill (Electricity Bill, Gas Bill)
  • 2 Passport Sized Photographs
  • NOC (from the owners – if the premises is rented)

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Types of Clubs that can be registered in India as per Act

The first step in creating a club is to take a decision on what type of club it is going to be and then think of an attractive name. Ideally and generally, a club should have a central theme, which would attract people with similar interests. Commonly, the clubs deal in the following areas:

  • Sport
  • Socializing events
  • Recreational activities
  • Advocacy
  • Professional development
  • Creating awareness on important and critical genres
  • Religious events
  • Volunteering
  • Cultural events and activities
  • Sharing information
  • Finance

How to decide the location for starting a new Club in India

An important aspect while creating a new club is determining its location and the frequency of operations. Clubs hold meetings and it is important to determine how many times your club will be operating in a span of time like a week or month so that the members don't have any confusion regarding it. It is important to decide on the location of the club, firstly so that every member is able to attend the meetings and secondly the club is meant for socializing so that the locals can also be a part of it.

Role of Governing body for starting a new club in India

The leadership of a club should be properly defined in order to ensure that it functions properly and according to the rules. There should be a President who will act as the leader, who will be responsible for running the club, conducting meetings and so on.

The Vice-President will take on the duties and responsibilities in the absence of the President. Then there will be a Captain, who is again an important member of a club. The President along with the Vice-President takes important decisions on every aspect.

The lieutenants form the lowest rank in the hierarchical structure of a club. They can implement the rules in the absence of the senior members and can cast votes on important matters. They guide the recruits on various matters related to the club and are trusted by the captains.

Laws behind setting up a new club in India

An integral feature of starting a club is getting together all the members and establishing the rules, making it fair and equal to all. The rules should be accompanied with proper punishments in case they are not followed or maintained. The rules established should be flexible.

Organizational Structure for starting a new club in India

The owners should come up with a name, symbol or unique feature and colors of the club theme. However, in order for the whole association to be successful, the decisions should be taken through unanimous consent of the members.

The club should also provide ID cards to its members. The easiest way to accomplish this is through creating a template that contains the following:

  • Name of Club
  • Name of Members
  • Contact details of the Club
  • Club's location
  • Member's designation
  • Date of membership

The club should have an e-mail of the members so that important information can be conveyed to the members at the earliest. Besides, the club should have its own website which should be updated on a daily basis with the following information:

  • Events in the club
  • Membership procedures
  • Future events and activities

Financial aspects for starting a new club in India

There are various expenses incurred by a club for conducting various events and activities, lectures, printing flyers and other miscellaneous expenses. Usually the members of the club invest money personally. There are membership fees. And they can also seek financial aid from fundraisers and locals.

Nowadays there are several governmental organizations, political institutions and corporations that provide financial aid to the clubs. The owners can use the grant forms provided by these sources and see if they are eligible to receive financial help from them.

Organizing meetings- a crucial aspect for starting a new club in India

The meetings are an essence of the clubs and through these meetings the members come together and associate with each other. While holding the very first meeting, the owners can arrange snacks and games to make it easier for the members to socialize. The members should also be provided periodic reminders through calls or emails about the meetings or giving them important instructions.

Procedure for recruiting members while starting a club in India

The club owners most commonly take on memberships within his or her immediate social group like friends, relatives, and family members, locals residing in that particular locality. The clubs should be open to other people for membership so that it gains a lot of popularity.

Purpose of Club Registration

Under the Societies Registration Act, the registration of Clubs is permissible where the clubs are formed for the following purposes:

  • For promoting science, literature, or the fine arts
  • For giving instructions
  • Diffusion of political education
  • For foundation or maintenance of libraries or reading rooms for the use of members or others
  • For promotion of other allied objects
  • For providing social and recreational facilities

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FAQ on Club Registration

How many members can be there in a club?

There is no such specific number as to how many members a club can have. Usually people of the same locality, people who are related come together to create a club. Members pay a membership fee to enroll as a member and they are the primary source of funds for the clubs as well.

Is a club governed by any law?

The members' club may be an unincorporated society or may be registered under the Indian Companies Act, or Societies Registration Act.

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