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Stock Auditing Service In India-Overview

A Stock audit generally refers to physical verification of the stock. It includes the valuation of the stock and usually depends on the scope of the assignment. It is also dependent on the terms and conditions of the engagement letter. The main purpose for conducting the audit is to be kept in consideration while performing the same. The audits may have different approaches. These audits are individually dependent on the main motive of the organization.

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A stock audit is a compulsory procedure that has to be followed by individual organizations and companies. The companies must perform at least one stock audit within a financial year. The stock audit process includes the physical counting of different inventories. The audit process involves the presentation of the premises, it also relates to the verification of the same. The process is performed with computed inventory maintained by the organization. The main purpose of a stock audit is to correct the incompatibilities that are present between the book stock and the physical stock.

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What are the Reasons to perform a Stock Audit in India?

  • 1. Stock Audit is important for keeping an updated track of the opening stock details
  • 2. It helps to identify the incompatibilities between book stock and physical stock
  • 3. A stock audit helps to update the book stocks as physical stocks
  • 4. Stock audit ensures that the stocks are handled and preserved properly.

What are the Benefits of Stock Audit in India?

  • 1. Stock Audits have a direct influence on the costs and bottom line
  • 2. It safeguards the business from fraudulence activities
  • 3. Stock Audit helps to identify old and obsolete stocks and slow-moving stocks
  • 4. Auditing points out the loopholes and drawbacks in the inventory management process carried out by the company
  • 5. It figures out the exact valuation of the inventory

Tax Seva Kendra offers top-notch Stock Audit Services in India. We organize and systemize all the physical assets and inventories. We aim to deliver unique stock auditing services to companies all over the country and keep their physical assets and inventories under strict surveillance.

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