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Formation of Business Agreement

A legal contract or an agreement is not just a simple document that is signed between two parties but it protects a business entity with its rights and remedies. A contract or an agreement also creates responsibilities, conditions, obligations, objectives, monetary issues, solutions, etc., so that every corner of the agreement is properly sealed failing to abide by, it may result unforeseen loses. Contracts or agreements form the business in legal terms and thus it should not be vaguish but should be expressed in clear manner.

The prime requirement for drafting a Contract and agreement is to ensure safety of your business. The effort should not be to simply make any agreement but to draft an enforceable contract which can save the business interest in present and future and meet the aims and goals of the business with respect to a transaction entered into between two entities.

A legal and valid contract or an agreement should have most important elements i.e Clarity, simplicity, futuristic options, definitions, legality, capacity, mutuality, acceptance and consideration.

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Formation of Business Agreement Registration Package

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    Types of Agreement

    The under mentioned contract or an agreement, whether in use and practice in trade, has to be drafted in terms of specific requirements and nature of supply of goods/service involved therein:

    • Service Agreement
    • Supply Agreement
    • Sale & Supply Agreement
    • Technical Agreement
    • Franchisee Agreements
    • Confidentiality Agreements
    • Procurement Agreements,
    • Tri – Partie agreement
    • Joint Venture Agreement
    • Authorisation Agreement
    • Marketing Agreement
    • Job Work Agreement
    • Licencing Agreement
    • Non Disclosure Agreement etc.

    Why Choose Tax Seva Kendra - A Business Agreement Consultant in India

    Tax Seva Kendra advises that always enter into a contract or agreement with a well informed and clear decision and after taking into all legal intelligence to safeguard your business interest in every possible manner.

    TAX SEVA KENDRA, a specialised law firm, advises to draft every legal contract or agreement by considering each and every aspect of law, scope, liabilities, rights and solutions so that an agreement is not made in a stereotype and loose ended manner but in an effective and efficient manner.

    When getting into a contract or an agreement, it must be noted that no business entity can afford to face endless litigations and hence it is always advised to opt for an arbitration agreement. Hence, it has to be ensured that there is an inbuilt provision of arbitration in every agreement.

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