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Searching Property Deeds

Searching of a property deed before the transaction takes place, is a very crucial step as it will ascertain a lot of things such as the authorized and actual owner of the property, land area, plot number, other details about the land/property.

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Searching Property Deeds Registration Package

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Where to Search

Banglarbhumi is an online web portal that offers land records and reforms, launched by the Government of West Bengal. Any person can use this portal to retrieve land and property-related information such as the name of the owner, land area, plot number, the value of the property and also the current owner.

Banglarbhumi portal provides these details along with the map of the land located in West Bengal. It also provides assistance to the businesses intending to set up new industries in the state by letting them know the infrastructure available at the proposed location. A user can also retrieve the information in relation to his block by just entering the district and block details.

Steps for Search

Property buyers can search for old deeds on the West Bengal Property Registration portal as well. Follow the steps below to retrieve relevant information.

Step 1: Visit portal and click on 'Searching of deeds' from the right menu.

Step 2: Allow pop-ups from the search bar. Once allowed, 6 options will be displayed. Choose the last option 'Legacy Deed Draft View'.

Step 3: Select the district, registration office, deed number, deed year and book.

Step 4: Click on 'View Deed'. You can view the result on the screen.

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