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Online Trademark Search

A trademark search is quickly sweeping the trademark directory. You get the following pieces of information when you do your trademark search:

  1. Who has applied for the same or similar trademark.
  2. The application number and the date of application
  3. The application number and the date of application

Track Your Status

The Time You Require A Trademark Search

The trademark search is not a tool you use once and forget about it. It is a tool you need to bookmark. Here are the reasons why you need to invest enough time in it:

Trademark Registration Process

If you are planning on registering a trademark, the first step of the process is searching thoroughly for the existing trademark registrations and applications. Here, this tool for trademark search comes in handy. You can begin your initial searching process to verify whether your trademark is available or taken by someone else. After you initiate a basic search, you can contact Tax Seva Kendra. We will take care of the Trademark Registration for you. We take care of all the necessary tasks so you can stay worry-free about analyzing the search results. We help to identify the right class for your product and service. And make sure that you are submitting your application error-free.

Protecting Your Trademark

The significance of a trademark search tool is not over if you have registered your trademark. It is also necessary to ensure the protection of your trademark rights. New trademark applications are submitted every day. Anyone can attempt to make registration of the same or a similar trademark as yours. The trademark search tool helps you to monitor such possibilities. When you catch someone trying to register the same trademark or a similar one, you can make an objection. This can be a time-consuming process to keep checking now and then. To make it easier, Tax Seva Kendra offers you a trademark watch service. Through our trademark watching service, we ensure that your rights are protected. We check new trademark registrations regularly to give you real-time information about any possible infringement.

Benefits of Trade Mark Registration

  • Our search is not limited or restricted to similar/identical word matches alone. We identify similarities in the meaning of the words too.
  • We work on customizing trademark watch parameters exclusively designed to suit your needs.

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