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Patent Status Check Service

After filing for a Patent online or offline, you have the facility to check the patent-pending status of your application on the internet. A regular check on your patent-pending status can ensure that you do not miss any updates or deadlines. Contact us for further legal help and information about patent registration and the patent application status online or offline.

Track Your Status

What does the various application status mean?

You might find the following various application status listed below:

  • Application Does Not Exist/ not yet published: It takes 18 months to get your application published. Hence you can expect this status for 18 months before your patent application is published at the designated legal site.
  • Application Published: After 18 months, the application gets published automatically by the IPO for public inspection in an official journal. It happens only if the application is complete and successful
  • Application Awaiting Exam: This status indicates that the applicant has filed the ‘Request for Examination’ and the application is waiting for the exam.
  • Application Examined (FER issued): The controller issue a First Examination Report, that is required to be submitted within 6 months from the date of FER. Failing to meet the deadline leads the application to be abandoned.
  • Application in Amended Stage: If you have submitted the amendment in your application, This status will show up after submitting the response to the FER or hearing.
  • Abandoned u/s 9(1): This abandoned status represents that the application has failed to proceed due to non-filing of the complete specification of the patent within 12 months of its given time.
  • Abandoned u/s 21(1): If the applicant does not process the application for a grant within 6 months of the issuance of FER, it gets abandoned.
  • Application Refused u/s 15: The controller can refuse the application if it does not satisfy the requirement of the Indian Patent Act.
  • Application Withdrawn U/R 26: This status shows when an applicant withdraws the application voluntarily. A request to withdraw the application under sub-sec (4) of Sec 11B has to be made in Form 29

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