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Trademark Application Status Check

On average, a trademark application takes at least 13 months to get your trademark registered at Trademark Registry, India. Your trademark application goes through various stages in this intermittent period, where you can check the trademark status reflected online.

Every time the trademark status has updated against your application number, it shows the stage of the application progress. You must know the status of your trademark application as some of the phases of a trademark application require you to take some action. The below content will guide you to understand what each status means. You can

New Application: A new application status means that the application has entered into the database of the Trademark Registry. Application for a trademark is the first step. After that, your trademark application will get processed.

Send the status to Vienna Codification: This step is applied to the non-text trademarks only. A trademark containing a Label, logo, or artwork, is assigned with a numerical code. The numerical code is in accordance with the Vienna Codification.

Formalities Check to Pass: This status of application means that you have complied with all the procedural formalities. Procedural formalities are filing the Power of Attorney, providing translation where any document is not in English/Hindi, and few other formalities. Your trademark status will reflect as Formality Check Pass If you have completed all the procedural formalities properly.

Formalities Check to Fail: When some procedural formalities (as listed above) are incomplete or if you fail to provide satisfactory compliance with the requirements, your trademark application status will reflect as Formalities check to fail. You will have to follow with the check fail mentioned by Trademark Registry.

Marked for Exam: This is the beginning of the legal process of your application. That means your application has scheduled to get processed by an Examiner to determine its registration. The Examiner decides if your symbol qualifies for trademark registration, according to the provisions of the Trademark Act.

Exam Report Issued/ Accepted: After the examiner conducts the examination, An Exam Report gets issued against your application. Report Accepted indicates that the Examiner has no objections. And your Trademark will be published in the Trademark Journal, before registration.

Objected: An objection status means The Examiner has raised objections against the registration of your trademark. If your trademark status faces objection, you have to file a reply within 30 days from the date of receipt of the hard copy of the notice.

Refused: When the Examiner is not satisfied with the response of your reply, he\she can refuse the registration of your trademark.

Advertised Before Accepted: This means that your trademark is taken publishing in the Trademark Journal. "Before Accepted" indicates, that your mark has been published for third parties to oppose any similarities or connections before accepting the mark.

Accepted and Advertised: This status represents that Your Trademark has been advertised in the Trademark Journal. There are absolutely no changes that you need to make in the application or design.

Opposed:  After the Trademark has been advertised in the Trademark Journal, a third party has 120 days to oppose the published trademark. In case of any third-party opposition, the trademark application status will show as Opposed.

Send Back to EDP: EDP stands for Electronic Data Processing. In a trademark application process, all the documents and data entries are in digital form. Send Back to EDP represents that there may have been some error during data entry that needs to be corrected. This status has no requirements for the applicant to take any steps.

Send to PRAS: PRAS stands for Pre-Registration Amendment Section. The pre-registration amendment section follows when you have filed an amendment before the Registration of your Trademark. The Amendment can be to the proprietor's name, address, etc.

Registered: This status means that you have successfully registered your trademark under the Trademark Registry.

Abandoned: If you fail to respond to the Trademark Registry within the mentioned time, your trademark application will get abandoned.

 Withdrawn: When you voluntarily withdraw your trademark application from the process, your status will show as "withdrawn".

Removed: When a trademark status shows as Removed, that may happen because of the no-renewal of the trademark.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the trademark application status frequently. You may check the trademark application status at trademark e-register. Also, you contact us to assist you in finding the status of your trademark application.

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