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Society Registration in India - Overview

A society is formed by the association of several individuals having a mutual accord to deliberate, govern and act cooperatively for some communal objectives. Societies are usually registered for the development and advancement of charitable activities like culture, sports, religion, music, education, art etc.

Society Registration in India is regulated by The Society Registration Act, in India, that lays down certain procedures for the registration of society and operation. A Society Registration is done for the development of fine arts, literature, science and also for the diffusion of purposeful knowledge or charitable purposes, or promoting political education.

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Society Registration in India Registration Package

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  • Ownership Proof (House Tax etc.)
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Address Proof (Bank Statement, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill)
  • Utility Bill (Electricity Bill, Gas Bill)
  • 2 Passport Sized Photographs
  • NOC (from the owners – if the premises is rented)

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Documents Required for Society Registration

For a society registration, the under-mentioned documents are required: -

  • Name of the society
  • Address proof of the society
  • Identity proof of all the members of the society
  • Two copies of the Memorandum of Association and By-laws of the society

Society Registration Procedure

The Society Registration Procedure involves the following steps:

Proposing a Name For Society

While selecting a name for the society, it is important to keep in mind that according to the Societies Act, 1860, the name should be unique and not resemble with other existing Societies. Further, it is to be noted that the name proposed must not suggest patronage of the Government of India or any State Government or attract the provisions of Emblem and Names Act, 1950.

Preparation of The Memorandum of Association

While registering the society, an applicant has to prepare the Memorandum of society/association. The Memorandum of the Society along with the Rules and Regulations of the Society must then be duly signed by each of the founding members, witnessed by-

  • An Oath Commissioner,
  • Advocate
  • Gazetted Officer,
  • Notary Public
  • Chartered Accountant or
  • First Class Magistrate with their official stamp and complete address.

Preparation of Documents

Next the applicant has to prepare the requisite documents for registration as mentioned above in this article. And all the documents must be duly signed.

Filing Of Application along with documents

An applicant shall file the signed Memorandum and Bylaws of the Society with the concerned Registrar of Societies in the respective State and pay the prescribed fee.

Obtain Society Certification

Once the documents are submitted and the Registrar is satisfied with application after proper verification, he would approve and issue Society Certification.

Compliances of Society Registration

Every Societies after the Society Registration is obligated to follow the Mandatory Post-Registration Compliances under Societies Registration Act, 1882, failing which may attract penalty to Society and its members and also result in the cancellation of Society Registration.

Every Society in India has to work within the guidelines as mentioned in the Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations as defined at the time of registration. Following are some compliances under the Societies Registration Act:

  • Conduct of General and Board Meetings.
  • Maintenance of Accounts Records.
  • Filing of ITR or Income Tax Return.
  • Society's fund for personal use is barred
  • Audit of Books of Accounts on annual basis.
  • Intimation of Governing Body List on annual basis or intimation of Change in Governing Body to Registrar of Societies.

Purpose of Society Registration

According to section 20 of the Society Act, 1860, a society registration can be obtained for the following purposes:

  • Promotion of fine arts.
  • Grant of charitable assistance
  • Diffusion of political education.
  • Promotion of science and literature.
  • Maintenance or foundation of reading rooms or libraries.
  • Collections of natural history
  • Creation of military orphan funds.
  • Maintenance or foundation of galleries or public museum.
  • Promotion or diffusion or instruction of useful knowledge.
  • Collections of mechanical and philosophical inventions, designs, or instruments.

Timeframe for Society Registration

The Society Registration Procedure takes about 25 to 30 working days subject to verification of departments.

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FAQ on Society Registration

How many members are needed to form a Society?

Minimum of 7 members are required.

Can family members be the Society members?

No, unfortunately the family members cannot be the members of the Society.

Can a society indulge in business?

Societies are formed for charitable purposes and for the benefit of the Societies and not for generating profits out of it.

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