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RCMC Registration-Overview

RCMC also called Registration Cum Membership Certificate is a certificate that declares an exporter dealing with commodities registered with an agency/organisation that are authorised by the Indian Government valid. This certificate once issued is valid for five years. An exporter wishing to obtain RCMC has to mention his mainstream business in the application. This certificate acts as an authorization to import or export products restricted under the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP). The Federation of Indian Export (FIEO) Organisations issue the RCMC Certificate. Apart from this, it is also issued by the Export Promotion Councils (EPCs), Commodity Boards and Export Development Authorities, established by the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) for each restricted commodity.

It is suggested that you take assistance from a professional like Tax Seva Kendra to help you with RCMC Registration online, as there are several formalities that needs careful documentation.

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RCMC Registration-Advantages

Following are the benefits of RCMC Registration.

Worldwide Exposure: Exporters are benefitted from proper guidance related to global exposure with the help of RCMC Registration. Different forms of updates related to Foreign Trade Policy are provided to the exporters.

Export Promotion: To promote development in different sectors, it is very important to promote exports in the country. Obtaining this registration would directly promote exports on a global basis.

Different schemes to avail: This registration enables members to avail of benefits from numerous schemes under FIEO.

Subsidy on flight tickets: The registered members are eligible to avail 10% discount on all domestic and international flight tickets.

Compliance with Government rules: The registered company will have compliance with the laws and rules prescribed by the Government.

Documents Required for RCMC Registration

Following are the documents required for RCMC Registration.

  • Duly filled Application for Registration –cum- Membership, mentioning the business line information.
  • Self-attested copy of the Importer and Exporter Code (IEC) Registration.
  • SSI/IEM certificate, where the applicant is involved in the manufacturing business.
  • Declaration in relation to the export and import affected during the previous Financial Year.
  • Certified copy of MOA for a company
  • Partnership deed for a partnership firm
  • Trust Deed/Memorandum of Rules & regulations (in case of trust/society)
  • Previous 3 years services export data certified by CA
  • Cross Cheque or a Demand Draft (DD) or some mode of pay order favouring the name of the Federation of Indian Export Organisation.
  • GST certificate

RCMC Registration Procedure

There are two kinds of membership under the RCMC registration process.


Step 1: Visit the Website of the FIEO, then click on "how to apply for RCMC registration"

Step 2: Click on Application for Membership Online and fill up the required credentials in the form of a password and IEC Number.

Step 3: Provide information under the Ordinary Membership tab.

Step 4: Provide the compulsory details: name, type of business and other information.

Step 5: Fill in the information on the Key Management Executives; this will comprise of shareholders' and directors' details.

Step 6: The last step is to furnish the Letter of Authority; this declares the authority that will represent the applicant in the application of FIEO.


Step 1: Download the Application Form of Associate Membership.

Step2: Specify the type of business and mode of operation.

Step 3: Enter required details related to the business.

Step 4: Upload supporting documents concerning the business.

Step 5: the last step is to provide the Letter of Authority; this declares who will represent the applicant for RCMC registration.

Timeframe of RCMC Registration

RCMC certificate is generally issued in 20 to 30 working days.

RCMC Registration Fees

RCMC Registration fees ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 excluding taxes.

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FAQ on RCMC Registration

Is it mandatory to get RCMC registration?

As per the Foreign Trade Policy, exporters are required to get RCMC in order to avail benefits under the policy.

What is the importance of RCMC?

Exporters wishing to export restricted items require the authorization to do so which is validated by the RCMC.

Are authorities issuing RCMC the same for all goods?

No, each item has its own authority.

From which authority should I get my RCMC?

Depending on the applicant’s main line of business, the concerned authority shall issue the RCMC.

Who can obtain RCMC?

Merchant Exporters, Manufacturing Exporters and Service Exporters can obtain RCMC. Manufacturing Exporters have to produce supporting evidence as to their manufacturing facility.

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