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Copyright Application Status - Overview

The status of copyright application is checked for any discrepancy or change in updates in different stages of its registration. The status of the application can be checked online through a diary number generated after successful filing of the application.

The status is updated every time your application goes through the review process. At times, the applicant may be required to take action on the reflected status. One can easily check the status of his application on the Copyright website.

Types of Copyright Status in Copyright Registration.

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Work Awaited

This application status is reflected implies that the Copyright Office is yet to receive copies of work. You are required to submit relevant documents and work copies within 30 days of applying.

Note: The application can be dismissed if there is no submission of the work copies.


This status is reflected when your application is in the waiting period that is of 30 days. This is a stage that is mandatory in the copyright registration process to see if any objection is raised.

Note: This also implies that the registration fee has been processed successfully.

Formality Check Fail

This status is reflected when there are not sufficient documents or samples of work. In this case, a response needs to be sent to the Copyright Office to rectify all the objections that are raised.

Note: Your application will be disqualified if you do not reply to the objection letter or fail to submit required documents/work copies.


At this stage, your application is scrutinized or examined by the Copyright Examiner to determine lack of distinctiveness or any incorrect details. However, your work will be successfully registered in case no issues are found in the application.

Note: The Registrar is responsible for registration of copyright which means if he is not satisfied with the documents or finds any errors, he can disqualify the application.


The Copyright Examiner issues a discrepancy letter if he finds any issue in the application or if it is not in a proper format or if he is not satisfied with the documents submitted. The applicant needs to respond to the letter to clarify the issues raised.

Note: The discrepancy letter is sent to the address of the applicant mentioned in the application.


Your application will be re-evaluated in context with the reasons mentioned in the response letter. The examiner can also call for a hearing or reject the application if not satisfied.

Note: The applicant has a chance to prove the uniqueness of his work in the hearing.


The registrar can call for a hearing if he wishes to know more about the work or is doubtful of any of the details mentioned in the application.


If everything goes well and the registrar is satisfied with everything, then he will issue the Copyright Registration Certificate that will be sent to the applicant by post on the address mentioned in the application form. This process can take up to 12 months to complete.

Note: The applicant becomes eligible to use © with the creative works to display his ownership after receiving the certificate.

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