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Property Searching Law

The online website of the West Bengal government provides all the necessary details regarding property searching in West Bengal. All the relevant details about the properties in West Bengal are discussed on the online platform. Our government has adopted all the necessary measures to safeguard our properties. The State government has introduced a new online platform to guide us through all the queries related to the properties in West Bengal. The advancement in technologies has enabled the government to provide instant services round the clock. The State government has launched several websites to provide property-related services which are directly controlled by them.

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Advantages of Online Property Searching

  • 1) Online property searching is the most relevant and easiest way of getting the details of a property.
  • 2) Online services are time-saving and more efficient than offline work.
  • 3) It provides all the necessary knowledge on the screen within a few minutes.
  • 4) We can search the status of the service on the online website.

The details of the services and properties are available on the official website of the West Bengal government “”. The official website is governed by the government. To avail of the services on the official website, we are required to create a login id. We can also avail of some of the services on the website without even creating a login id.

Steps for Online Property Searching

  • 1) In the first step, we need to visit the official website of the West Bengal government "".
  • 2) In the next step, the login id has to be created by the user to avail of the services. The sign-up option is to be chosen from the top of the website. Then the required details are to be provided by the user on the website to receive the login id. The user can avail of all the services available on the official website.
  • 3) Next, the user needs to click on the “Know Your Property” option on the website. The property details will be displayed on the screen after choosing the option.
  • 4) In the next step, the user needs to fill up all the necessary details to search the details related to the property.
  • 5) In the last step, the user has to select the “submit” option to submit all the details on the website page.

After completing the above-mentioned steps, the user will receive the property details on the screen.

Details required for Online Property Searching

The details required for filling up the online website form for property searching are discussed below.

  • 1) The user needs Mouza identification that combines the following details.
  • 2) District
  • 3) Block
  • 4) Mouza
  • 5) In the next step, the user is required to select "Options".
  • 6) After choosing "Options", the first step is to search by Khatian Number.
  • 7) The user may also search by Plot Number.

The above-mentioned steps are required to be followed to avail of the services available on the official website of the West Bengal government. We can search the property details by providing the Khatian Number or the Plot Number. The steps mentioned above are monitored and regulated by the government. The process is highly efficient and quick. It protects the user from harassment, disputes, and time waste.

These are the online procedure for property searching on the official website of the West Bengal government. If a user wants to get their work done offline, they can approach an expert to deal with the concerned matters.

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