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Online Patent Application and Registration

Patent registration is issued to person who has invented something new. A patent is a right granted to an individual or enterprise by the government that prohibits others from making, using, selling, or importing the patented product or process without approval or consent of the patent holder.

Before a patent registration is obtained, an extensive search is undertaken on whether the product is innovative or novel and industrially applicable.

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How to File Patent application?

1. Patent Search

To file a successful patent registration, you have to ensure that your invention idea is unique. Carrying out a patent search will determine this, and the individual can also avoid lengthy procedures.

2. Patent Application Filing

Patent Filing is considered to be the most crucial part. The complete process is a specialized task that can be done correctly with the help of an expert.

Drafting a patent application is an art, and it will be wise to seek expert help. If the individual is in the initial stages of research and development, it is best to file a probationary patent application.

3. Preparing Patentability Report

The patent professionals or agents conducts extensive research and prepare the patentability report. Hence, the applicant should submit all the relevant documents along with the patent application.

4. Publication of Patent Application

Thereafter, the application will then be published in the Patent journal within 18 months. Request for early filing of the patent can be made along with the prescribed fees.

Publication of Patent applied

For patent registration in India, the Indian patent office keeps every patent application confidential until it gets officially published in the Patent Journal.

The publication of patent in the patent journal automatically takes place after 18 months from filing of the application.

5. Patent Examination

Within 48 months from the patent's first filing, there will be a formal submission of a request for the patent verification. Suppose the applicant fails to file within the stipulated time, the application will be considered as withdrawn by the patent office. The examiner then conducts a comprehensive investigation and releases the first examination report called patent prosecution.

6. Patent objections

Patent applications also receive objections, so it is necessary to analyze the patent examination report and draft a proper response to the objections filed.

7. Grant of patent

Once all the patentability requirements are fulfilled, patent registration will be granted and published in the Patent Journal.

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