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Annual return GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C, under section 44 of CGST Act, due date stands extended for financial year 2019-20 from 3:

Online P. Tax Return E-Filing Service - Overview

Any person who is earning money from salary and somebody engaged within the profession like- doctor, lawyer, company secretary, chartered accountant, etc. are entitled to pay profession tax as per law. Imposed by the government, P.Tax incorporates a different rate as per State applicable. In the case of salaried employees, it's the employer's duty is to deduct P.Tax from you and deposited it to Govt. And if you are a professional or own a business, you have to do professional tax return filing on the basis of annual gross income/annual gross turnover/annual gross receipt or a sum of Rs 2500/-, whichever is applicable.

Tax Seva Kendra has created an easy online professional tax e-filing service for each form of depositor in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the slab prescribed for professional tax?

Basically, each Indian state prescribes its slab for professional tax. For example: In Maharashtra, if your monthly income is between ₹7,500 to ₹10,000, then the professional tax levied is ₹175. Similarly, for monthly incomes above ₹10,001, the tax levied is ₹200 for 11 months and ₹300 on the 12th month. If the monthly salary is less than ₹7500, there is no professional tax levied.

Who is liable to pay professional tax in W. B?

An individual involved in any trade or business activity or any profession, occupation or employment has to pay professional tax in West Bengal.

How is the professional tax computed in West Bengal?

The professional tax rate in West Bengal is calculated on the basis of salary slabs. The maximum amount that can be levied as professional tax is Rs. 2500 annually.

What are the types of persons liable for Profession Tax?

The following types of persons are eligible to pay Profession Tax- i) Individual ii) HUF iii) Proprietorship Fimr iv) Partnership Firm v) Company vi) Club vii) Society viii) Associatoion

What is Enrolment Certificate and what is Registration Certificate?

As per the law of Income Tax if any person liable to pay professional tax like- individual, proprietorship, partnership, club, society, company etc. are given Enrolment Certificate. On the other hand, any employer except Govt. officer who is required to deduct and deposit professional tax to the government on behalf of his/her employees is given Registration certificate.

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