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Annual return GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C, under section 44 of CGST Act, due date stands extended for financial year 2019-20 from 3:

Professional Tax Renewal/Amendments/Cancellation


All Registered employers are required to submit returns electronically through the P.Tax Return module. The hard copy of the return, as electronically transmitted, along with the acknowledgment and tax paid challan(s) are also required to be furnished within 15 days of the following month to the prescribed authority. The return period is annual.

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There are the provisions in the Act:- (i) to amend the certificate of Enrolment / Registration in respect of any change of constitution, nature of the activity, address, etc; (ii) to cancel the Certificate of Enrolment in case of cessation of profession or death of an individual . Certificate of Registration can be canceled in the case of cessation of liability. All applications for amendment (& surrender) of the certificate shall have to be filed online.

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