• Notification Date: 19-10-2023
  • Notification No: N/A

Dabur gets Tax Demand Notice of Rs 320.6 crore under GST

Dabur India has received intimation of tax ascertained as being payable under Section 74(5) of CGST Act, 2017 wherein GST short-paid or not-paid amounting to Rs. 320.6 crore has been advised to be paid by the company. 

The company is advised to rectify this shortfall by paying the designated amount along with the applicable interest and penalty. Failure to address this may result in the issuance of a show cause notice, the company said in a regulatory filing. 

Dabur plans to contest the GST discrepancy claim on solid grounds by presenting its response and evidence to the concerned authorities. This tax payment notice does not affect the company's financial or operational activities, any effects will only pertain to the final determined tax liability, including potential interest and penalties. 

The company recently announced the successful culmination of one of the industries’ largest and most intricate cloud migrations. 

This move was aimed at augmenting Dabur’s resilience in business and strengthening its control over its IT operations. This transition is expected to amplify services to retailers, partners, employees and consumers. By adopting a cloud-only model, Dabur ensures 360-degree oversight across all its operations, gaining heightened efficiency, transparency, and agility. 

Dabur shares closed at Rs 540.20, up 0.61 percent on NSE.