• Notification Date: 05-05-2022
  • Notification No: N/A

Odisha Collects Record Amount of State GST in April

Odisha has created the record of collecting highest amount of state GST in the month of April, 2022. The GST revenue collected by Odisha in April amounts to Rs.1,714.78 crore. According to the statement of a senior GST officer, this records a growth of revenue collection by 52.20 per cent than that in the month of April, 2021. The revenue collection made by the state GST (SGST) in the same month of the previous year was Rs.1,126.67 crore.  

The collection of GST revenue made by the Odisha state government has exceeded that of March, 2022 by a huge margin of Rs.363.53 crore. Odisha has maintained the highest record of gross GST collection of Rs.4,910.23 crore in April, 2022. The gross GST collection made by Odisha state government in April, 2021 was Rs.3,849.48 crore. The state has made a huge growth of 28 per cent than the previous year.

In the span of one year, Odisha made a collection of CGST of Rs.1,381 crore which marks a growth by 45 per cent. The collection of cess is Rs.722.40 crore, making a remarkable growth of 18 per cent in cess.

Odisha has made this extraordinary collection of gross GST through the mining, manufacturing, and trading sectors. The state has applied their regular surveillance and innovative intelligence-based actions. These steps against tax evasion have effectively made remarkable growth in tax collection and contributed in improved tax compliance by the taxpayers.

IGST collection on a monthly basis in Odisha has decreased by 89 per cent due to the substantial growth in the inter-state sales in the last few months. The total amount of VAT collection for petrol and liquor is Rs.232.88 crore in the month of April, 2022. The amount of VAT collected by the Odisha government in the month of April of the previous year was Rs.224.25 crore. The growth in VAT collection by the state is by 3.85 per cent. The amount of value-added tax (VAT) collected from petroleum products in April, 2021 was Rs.176.52 crore and that collected from liquor was Rs.56.36 crore.