• Notification Date: 11-01-2022
  • Notification No: N/A

GST Taxpayers to Return File GSTR-7 for Dec before 10 Jan

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes (CBIC) has ordered the GST taxpayers to return the GSTR-7 file for December 2021 by 10 January 2022. It also includes the taxpayers who are required to deduct Tax at Source (TDS) under GST. If an employee fails to submit the file within the due time, late fees and interest will be charged. 

Detailed Information about GSTR-7
GSTR-7 is a return file of taxation. The file is returned by the individual who is in charge of deducting TDS under GST. The file contains detailed information about the deducted TDS, TDS liability that is payable as well as paid. It also contains claimed refunds and other relevant information. 

Authorities of Deducting TDS under GST
According to the GST law, the authorities who are in charge of deducting TDS are– 
1. A department or an establishment of the Central or State Government
2. A local authority
3. Government agencies
4. An individual or a group of people who are notified by the Central or 
State government on the recommendations of the Council. 

According to the Notification no. 33/2017 - Central Tax, 15 September 2017, some of the below-mentioned entities may also deduct TDS. 

1.    Any authority or board which is set up by the Parliament or State Legislature. It can be formed by a government with 51% equity. 
2.    A society which is established by the Central or State Government or by any local authority. It can also be done by the society that is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. 
3.    TDS can be deducted by public sector undertakings where the value of supply under the contract is above a certain limit. The value should exceed 2.5lakh. the rate for TDS is 2% (CGST 1% + SGST 1%) for intrastate supply. In the case of interstate supplies, it must be 2% (IGST). 

If the registration place of the recipient is different from the location of the supplier and place of supply, then TDS will not be deducted.