• Notification Date: 30-05-2024
  • Notification No: N/A

Gujarat GST Commissioner Grabs 620 Acres from Entire Village Near Maharashtra's Mahabaleshwar

A GST commissioner from Gujarat, Chandrakant Valvi, currently serving in Ahmedabad, has purchased land spanning an entire village in Kandati Valley, Satara District in Maharashtra, estimated to be over 600 acres.  

According to reports, Chandrakant Valvi, a resident of Nandurbar and currently the Chief Commissioner of GST in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, along with his family and relatives, has purchased the entire village of Jhadani village near Mahabaleshwar.  

This has revealed the terrible reality of grabbing 620 acres of land there. Many important laws, like the Environment Protection Act of 1986, the Forest Conservation Act of 1976, and the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, are being violated regularly.  

Violations of these laws pose a serious threat to natural resources and the environment. These violations are having serious consequences, including the loss of biodiversity, air and water pollution, and climate change.  

At present, there is considerable damage to the environment in the interior areas due to unauthorized construction, digging, cutting of trees, illegal roads, and power supply from the forest border.  

Illegal construction, large-scale mining, and excavation have been going on in the neighbourhood for the last 3 years, but surprisingly, no element of the administration had any inkling of it. This has revealed the horrifying reality that no government official comes around to check.  

According to reports, local social activist Sushant More has said that this alleged GST official told everyone in the village that their land would be acquired by the government.